There are two ways to handle forms in Flutter:

Each of these could take a separate post to be explained, but I’ll try to get you started in a single post. Let’s begin.

Controllers driven fields

The first thing we’re going to see is how to have fields managed by a controller. A controller is a powerful object that helps you handle some complex scenarios with forms as well as the most simple ones, as we’re going to see.

When you have many fields, usually you don’t want to use the controller approach as the Form widget…

In this article, we are going to talk about lists, and we’ll get through the following:

ListView: how to handle lists in Flutter

Creating a list using Flutter is really easy as it comes with a built-in widget called ListView, which handles everything for you. Let’s see how to make a basic usage of this widget.

To render a list, add a ListView widget. It has many properties, and one of these…

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